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  • Adelante Journal

    Adelante: A Journal of Student Research and Creative Work aims to showcase the breadth and diversity of Chico State undergraduate and graduate student research and creative work. The journal's idea grew out of our desire to provide examples of student work that demonstrate a wide array of methods, styles, and diverse voices. We hope the journal inspires more students to research and pursue opportunities to present and publish their work in this journal and beyond.


  • AI-EDU Arxiv

    AI-EDU Arxiv is a pioneering preprint platform dedicated to the selective publication of specific cases of artificial intelligence (AI) use across three pivotal educational domains: instruction, research and scholarship, and administration within educational institutions. It serves as a central repository for showcasing innovative AI applications that enhance teaching methodologies, streamline administrative processes, and advance educational research. By curating a diverse range of case studies, experimental reports, and scholarly articles, AI-EDU Arxiv facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among educators, administrators, and researchers, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of AI's potential to transform education.

  • Journal of Advanced Undergraduate Physics Lab Instruction

    The Journal of Advanced Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Investigations, JAUPLI-B is a “pseudo-journal” that offers students in the advanced lab courses the opportunity for anonymous peer review by swapping papers across universities.

  • The Journal of the Wildfire Conservancy

    A scientific peer-reviewed journal on wildland and wildland urban interface fire issues, focused on topics related to firefighter health and safety, firefighting attack effectiveness, and community resilience. 

  • The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies

    The Annual Review of Criminal Justice Studies (ARCJS) is an open-access journal that publishes scholarly writings pertinent to the critical analyses of law, crime and justice systems and their entanglement with larger political economic processes.

    ARCJS contributors explore how ideas and systems of crime, law and justice shape broader issues of social justice, especially those related to the experience of race, class, gender, sexuality, and age inequality in the U.S.

    Ranging from the conception to the implementation to the transformation of law, crime and justice systems and ideas, ARCJS includes ethically reasoned critical analyses intent on contributing to the assessment of alternative solutions to problems associated with the identification, control and prevention of crime and delinquency.

  • Experiential Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

    ELTHE captures the best current scholarship in experiential learning: how it can be defined, strengthened, promoted, and assessed for the sake of educational effectiveness and equity.

  • California Sociology Forum

    A student-run journal that publishes scholarly and creative works of students from the Cal State LA Department of Sociology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Committed to cultivating student research, supporting intellectual exchange, and featuring diverse perspectives on various issues of our society. Students are strongly encouraged to submit original research, creative works utilizing the sociological imagination, and sociologically relevant book and film reviews

  • Allies for Education

    Allies for Education (A4E) is CSU Channel Islands' online, open-access journal for students, parents, G-16+ educators and administrators (gestation through graduate school), elected officials, and other concerned community members.

  • Alba de América

    Alba de América is a Spanish peer-reviewed journal. Formerly a printed publication of the Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispánico (1982-2021), Alba de América is now an open-access journal hosted by California State University, Dominquez Hills. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate the study and criticism of Hispanic literature and film in the academic sphere. Since its first edition, Alba de América publishes original academic manuscripts exclusively in Spanish.

  • Educational Renaissance

    Welcome to Educational Renaissance, the journal committed to the preparation of educational professionals and to the promotion of exemplary practices, partnerships, and leadership that ensure high levels of teaching and learning in all of America's schools.  The journal is published by California State University Open Journals.  

  • Urban Action

    Urban Action is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that encapsulates current perspectives and outlooks in the field of urban studies and planning. Edited and produced by undergraduate students of the Urban Studies & Planning program at San Francisco State University, its content represents the interdisciplinary depth of the program and the diverse student body of SFSU. Not limited to peer-reviewed research papers, the journal also includes photo-essays, poems, illustrations, interviews, short fiction, and other mediums 

  • Journal of Consent-Based Performance

    The Journal of Consent-Based Performance promotes community-based learning among intimacy professionals, without the gatekeeping often associated with scholarly models and the arts industry. Our publication contributes to the evolving practices of intimacy choreographers, intimacy directors, and intimacy coordinators, by publishing articles focused on theory and practice-based research related to the ways in which we perform and are performed upon by consent, intimacy, and lived power imbalances--onstage, on set, and in lived experience.

  • The Cougar Journal of Undergraduate Research

    The Cougar Journal of Undergraduate Research is an open access preprint platform that makes STEM-related research conducted by undergraduate students at CSUSM publicly available. 

  • CBR@CSUCI: An annual volume of community-based research

    CBR@CSUCI is an annual digital volume of community-based research (CBR) reports collaboratively produced by students and faculty members in partnership with community partners associated with California State University Channel Islands. All reports submitted for inclusion are reviewed by the Editorial Board to ensure that published reports represent rigorous research, presented in a clear and accessible fashion, and make an identifiable contribution to the community. The volume is designed to collect and highlight the best community based research conducted in our community, and to make it widely available to our campus, our community, and beyond.

    See the journal's homepage for submission details.

  • In Dialogue/En Diálogo

    Welcome! Bienvenides!

    In Dialogue/En Diálogo is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that puts key stakeholders in dialogue with each other about educational issues critical to the surrounding communities of the California State University Colleges of Education. Drawing on Freirean principles, In Dialogue/En Diálogo integrates theory and practice through the multi-voiced discourse of PreK-20 researchers, teachers, administrators, students, staff, and community members to capture evolution of thought and practice. The journal aims to embrace the messiness of efforts for justice within and through education while centering voices of those who have traditionally been marginalized from academic conversations. Each volume presents a (sometimes multilingual) snapshot of contemporary, research-informed conversations and practices and captures pivotal moments that strengthen collective critical consciousness. 

  • The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research

    The PUMP (Preparing Undergraduate Mathematicians for Ph.D.s) Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes papers (co)written by undergraduate students or by (co)authors that were undergraduate students at the time the work was done. All articles are reviewed by referees selected by a member of the editorial board. The journal publishes research papers, papers containing new proofs of known results, and expository papers which propose original points of view on various topics, from all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. At least one of the authors must have been an undergraduate student at the time the paper was written.

    The PUMP Journal is indexed in MathSciNet and zbMATH Open.

    ISSN 2576-3725 (online)
    ISSN 2765-8724 (print)

  • Text & Type

    Text & Type is an open access journal showcasing innovative critical and creative work produced in our global college writing communities.

  • The Electronic Student Journal of Anthropology

    The Electronic Student Journal of Anthropology (ESJOA) at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is an award-winning online journal showcasing the scholarly work of undergraduate anthropology students. Established in Winter 2008, the journal is entirely student-driven. Students write research articles, and handle editorial duties and design aspects of the publication. This ensures that the journal reflects the diverse intellectual interests and high academic achievements of CSUDH anthropology students.

  • The Toro Historical Review

    The Toro Historical Review is an undergraduate student-run e-journal associated with the CSU Dominguez Hills Department of History. 

  • Journal of Transformative Leadership & Policy Studies

    Sponsored by the California State University's Chancellor's Office and the system's sixteen Education Doctorate programs, the Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies (JTLPs) publishes peer-reviewed studies for the educational leadership and policy community in California and beyond. The focus is to advance our understanding of solutions to the many problems faced by the national schools and institutions. 

    Now accepting manuscripts for Volume 9.1!!
    Please see the announcements page for more information. If you would like to submit a manuscript or view our submission guidelines please visit our submissions page.

  • The Journal of East West Thought

    Journal of East-West Thought (JET) is published by the International Association for East-WestStudies (IAES, http://www.cpp.edu/~iaes). JET is included in The Philosopher's Index. As a scholarly peer-reviewed and printed journal dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas in East-West studies, it provides a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global, and philosophical examinations of all subject matters within East-West studies. JET's ISSN is 2161-7236 (Print) and 2168-2259 (Online). Since the Inaugural Issue (December 2011) , JET has published miny articles of a wide range of celebrated philosophers and authors, including Jürgen Habermas, Thomas Pogge, Robert Cummings Neville, William L. McBride, Vencent M. Colapietro, Josef Seifert, Zhang Longxi, Kwong-loi Shun, Chung-ying Cheng, and more.

    JET welcomes diverse theories and methods, promoting dialogue on various philosophical, ethical, aesthetical and methodological issues, problems, and themes in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other fields, including economics, political science, law, business, engineering, and the arts. JET aims to combine Western and non-Western perspectives to construct an integrative and cosmopolitan perspective that will benefit an international community of educators.