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  • Syllabus Lab

    The Syllabus Lab is a partnership project by Sacramento State's Center for Teaching and Learning and the College of Education. The purpose is to help Sacramento State faculty members improve their courses by providing a safe, confidential, and anonymous peer-reviews of syllabi. A journal-like online platform will accept syllabi, and ask at least two faculty members to serve as reviewers. One reviewer will be a discipline expert, and another - an expert on higher education pedagogy. We may also ask a student or another faculty for a third opinion. The reviewers will be asked to evaluate the content of the coherence of the course course design, learning activities and assessments, clarity of language, and other aspects of the course. Unlike a real journal, we will not publish the submissions.

  • The Toro Historical Review

    The Toro Historical Review is an undergraduate student e-journal associated with the CSU Dominguez Hills Department of History. 

  • The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research

    The PUMP (Preparing Undergraduate Mathematicians for Ph.D.s) Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes papers (co)written by undergraduate students or by (co)authors that were undergraduate students at the time the work was done. All articles are reviewed by referees selected by a member of the editorial board. The journal publishes research papers, papers containing new proofs of known results, and expository papers which propose original points of view on various topics, from all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. At least one of the authors must have been an undergraduate student at the time the paper was written.

    ISSN 2576-3725

  • Journal of Transformative Leadership & Policy Studies

    Sponsored by the California State University's Chancellor's Office and the system's sixteen Education Doctorate programs, the Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies (JTLPs) publishes peer-reviewed studies for the educational leadership and policy community in California and beyond. The focus is to advance our understanding of solutions to the many problems faced by the national schools and institutions. 

    Now accepting manuscripts for Volume 9.1!!
    Please see the announcements page for more information. If you would like to submit a manuscript or view our submission guidelines please visit our submissions page.

  • The Journal of East West Thought

    Journal of East-West Thought (JET) is published by the International Association for East-WestStudies (IAES, http://www.cpp.edu/~iaes). JET is included in The Philosopher's Index. As a scholarly peer-reviewed and printed journal dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas in East-West studies, it provides a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global, and philosophical examinations of all subject matters within East-West studies. JET's ISSN is 2161-7236 (Print) and 2168-2259 (Online). Since the Inaugural Issue (December 2011) , JET has published miny articles of a wide range of celebrated philosophers and authors, including J├╝rgen Habermas, Thomas Pogge, Robert Cummings Neville, William L. McBride, Vencent M. Colapietro, Josef Seifert, Zhang Longxi, Kwong-loi Shun, Chung-ying Cheng, and more.

    JET welcomes diverse theories and methods, promoting dialogue on various philosophical, ethical, aesthetical and methodological issues, problems, and themes in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other fields, including economics, political science, law, business, engineering, and the arts. JET aims to combine Western and non-Western perspectives to construct an integrative and cosmopolitan perspective that will benefit an international community of educators.