School-Based Mentoring for Middle Schoolers
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middle school
students with disabilities
pre-service teachers
social-emotional skills

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Graham, T. J., & Jefferson, R. N. (2020). School-Based Mentoring for Middle Schoolers: The Impact on Mentees and Their Pre-Service Teacher Mentors. Educational Renaissance, 8(1), 48–59.


School-based mentoring programs are plentiful in number; however, studies measuring the impact of school-based mentoring for students with disabilities are limited. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of mentoring on the academic and social emotional skills of middle school students with documented disabilities, as well as the impact of the mentor-mentee relationship on college-student mentors. The mentoring program paired four college education majors with four middle school males with documented disabilities who were identified by their teacher as needing assistance with academic and socio-emotional skills. A mixed-methods study was used to conduct an in-depth investigation of the impact of the mentor partnership. Data collection methods included (1) mentor and mentee surveys, (2) observations of mentor-mentee activities, (3) interviews with a science teacher and special education teacher, and (4) science grades. Results from the study support the positive impact that mentoring can have on both academic and social-emotional development of middle school students with documented disabilities.