Special Education Teachers in Residence


residency in teaching
self-study research methodology
virtual university school partnerships
rural special education
distance education
residence in teaching program

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Bock, M., Caballero, M., & O’Neal-Hixson, K. (2021). Special Education Teachers in Residence: New Teachers for the Prairie. Educational Renaissance, 10(1), 32-47. https://doi.org/10.33499/edren.v10i1.181


Rural schools face unique challenges recruiting teachers. Rural school administrators report difficulties finding qualified applicants. Unique challenges rural special education teachers face, e.g., working with a more diverse group of students including those with significant disabilities, heighten the difficulties rural administrators experience when recruiting and retaining qualified special education teachers. Leveraging university/rural school partnerships, e.g., resident teacher university/school partnerships, can help rural schools recruit and retain qualified special education teachers. This article describes the Teachers College Special Education Fellowship Program (TCSEFP), a virtual residency in teaching program. This program established virtual partnerships between the university and numerous rural school districts throughout the state. The article includes a description of the program, evaluation data, and implications for other virtual university/school residency in teaching programs.