Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Practices, Self- efficacy, and Professional Growth

  • Kieran Nduagbo Adams State University
  • Dr. Carolyn Casale Henry Ford College
Keywords: Preservice teachers, Self-efficacy, Professional Growth, Reflective Practice


This qualitative research study looks at how reflective practices support preservice teachers’ professional growth and development and its impacts on their self-efficacy. This study takes place in a regionally recognized south-western Hispanic Serving Institution that serves a high needs school district. Preservice teachers were asked to reflect on their field experiences to integrate theory and practice. The common themes that emerge contend that preservice teachers with a high sense of self efficacy maintain a better understand of classroom management with its connection to building relationships. Another significant finding indicates that preservice teacher’s reflective practices lead to self-efficacy and professional growth. These finding are significant to improving teacher preparation programs.