Letter from Interim Director, Doctorate in Educational Leadership

  • Rose Borunda California State University Sacramento


A letter from Dr. Rose Borunda, the interim director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership program at California State University, Sacramento

Author Biography

Rose Borunda, California State University Sacramento

With an Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education from University of San Francisco, Dr. Borunda’s research focuses on social justice, identity formation, and cross racial bridge building. Two of her book publications have been adopted in universities and community colleges from Southern California to the state of Washington. She is known for her work to include California Indian historical perspectives in teacher and public school education. Her speaking engagements include Columbia University, California State University, East Bay, U.C. Berkeley and she has been a Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University and North Carolina State University

Headshot of Dr. Rose Borunda. Dr. Borunda stands in front of a dark green bush with red flowers. Dr. Borunda smiles wearing a white cardigan and bown top