Collaboration and Connections

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Walters Nerren, J., & Covington Hasbun, T. (2019). Collaboration and Connections: Investigating the Use of Teacher Candidate-Created Protocols to Connect Research to Classroom Practice in an Educator Preparation Program. Educational Renaissance, 7(1), 1-13.


This study investigated the effects of using teacher candidate-created observation protocols based on current research on classroom practices to connect research to practice. The study examined the extent to which mentor teachers modeled current research-based practices as measured by the protocols and explored the frequency with which the practices were observed. Findings indicated that teacher candidates had a positive experience applying research to practice, that utilization of the protocols created an awareness of best practices being used, and the importance of individualizing the practices to meet student needs. Individualization of utilization based on mentor teacher personalities was also observed and many practices the teacher candidates selected were utilized in the mentor classrooms, particularly in the areas of lesson planning and reading instruction.
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