Adelante: A Journal of Student Research and Creative Work aims to showcase the breadth and diversity of Chico State undergraduate and graduate student research and creative work. In 2021, the journal's idea grew out of our desire to provide examples of student work demonstrating various methods, styles, and diverse voices. We hope the journal inspires more students to research and pursue opportunities to present and publish their work in this journal and beyond.

The student journal is edited by graduate students wishing to learn about the peer-review process, editing, and publishing academic research. We determined the structure and scope of this first journal. In addition to establishing a competitive peer-review process to select and publish a few high-quality finished papers, we also wanted to include shorter pieces that allowed all student researchers to share at least some part of their work publicly. For this reason, we encouraged students to submit abstracts that captured their research and creative work. All of our authors had an opportunity to work with us to edit and format their work.

In addition to the completed papers and abstracts, we expanded the journal to include student author photos and biographies. We also thought it was important to recognize and highlight the amazing faculty who provide the opportunities and mentoring necessary to ensure our students' success. We included their photos and biographies, too. Finally, we developed and included a research and writing resource guide in the journal to share with students beginning or continuing their research journeys.

The Adelante Program’s mission is to support Latinx and low-income students at California State University, Chico, on their undergraduate academic journeys and prepare them for graduate and other post-college opportunities. 

Adelante is Spanish for "Onward, Ahead, Forward!" The Adelante Postbaccalaureate Pipeline Program through the Office of Graduate Studies is funded by a five-year, $2.9 million grant (Title V “Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions”) from the U.S. Department of Education's Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program - Title V (CFDA 84.031S).

Rights Note: No portion of this journal may be reprinted or reproduced in any manner unacceptable to the usual copyright restrictions without the written permission of the author.