Atonement for Racial Capitalism

The Pathway to a Socially Just San Francisco


  • Shanell Williams SFSU



In the pursuit of a socially just San Francisco, Shanell Williams delves into her personal experiences growing up in the city and highlights the pervasive racial inequalities that persist. Reflecting on a mix of positive encounters and deeply traumatic moments, Williams uncovers the stark realities faced by Black communities in San Francisco, particularly in the context of economic opportunities and belonging. Through her work, she advocates for economic reparations as the fundamental solution to address the historical and ongoing harms inflicted on Black San Franciscans due to systemic racism and displacement. Williams emphasizes the urgency of recognizing these past wrongs and implementing concrete measures, like a reparations fund, to pave the way towards an equitable and inclusive city where the Black community can thrive. By challenging the status quo and advocating for decisive action, Williams prompts a critical reevaluation of the city's commitment to social justice and a brighter future for all its residents.