Six Thousand Miles from Home: Mongolians in San Francisco, Bay Area and their pursuit of happiness

  • Urtnasan Enkhbat


This research by Urtnasan Enkhbat delves into the underrepresented experiences of Mongolian immigrants in the United States, specifically focusing on those residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Amidst the pervasive notion of the American Dream attracting diverse populations, the lives of certain Asian American subgroups remain largely overlooked in academia and society. This study seeks to shed light on the unique journey of Mongolian immigrants in a region where their presence is often marginalized. Through participant observation and interviews, this research captures the voices of Mongolian immigrants, offering them a platform to share their narratives. Despite the limitations of time and resources, the study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, aspirations, and nuances that characterize the lives of these individuals. Ultimately, this article contributes to amplifying the often-unheard stories of Mongolian immigrants, offering a glimpse into their pursuit of happiness thousands of miles away from their homeland.