Resilience from the Ground Up: Strengthening Diversity in Soil, Communities and Economies

This Way To Sustainability (TWTS) is a nationally recognized, student-run conference focusing on challenges, ideas, solutions and resiliency in planning our sustainable future. The conference hosts 1400 participants each year with a variety of respected professionals speaking on the many aspects of sustainability. The goal of the conference is to educate students, staff and faculty, and community members; providing attendees an opportunity to network, discuss, and become more aware of pertinent environmental and social issues we all face.

This journal is to serve as a proceedings for the conference, featuring posters and presenters in all aspects of sustainability.

Our Keynote Speakers for the 2021 conference are: 

  • Leah Penniman, MA: "Ending racism and injustice in the food system and reclaiming the inherent right to belong to the earth"
  • Katharine Wilkinson, PhD: "Drawdown: How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming"
  • Jennifer Atkinson, PhD: "Eco-Grief and Climate Anxiety"
  • Bill Shireman, PhD: "In This Together : nonpartisan solutions to our climate crisis"

Conference tracks:

  1. Environment, Land Planning & Natural Systems
  2. Built Environments, Engineering & Waste Management
  3. Health, Wellness, Diet & Nutrition
  4. Sustainable Food Systems & Regenerative Agriculture
  5. Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
  6. Social Justice & Public Policy
  7. Arts, Humanities & Creative Expression

This open access journal is intended to provide the public with unrestricted, free access to conference proceedings surrounding sustainability. When submitting a manuscript, authors will be asked to list potential reviewers who they deem to be appropriate. The author is responsible for securing any rights required for the publication of any included media, images, and scientific findings, and for providing appropriate citations and/or rights statements.