Clumsy Packing of Polyominoes in Finite Space

  • Emma Miller Moravian University
  • Mitchel O'Connor Whitman College
  • Nathan Shank Moravian University
Keywords: clumsy packing; polyomino


Clumsy packing is considered an inefficient packing, meaning we find the minimum number of objects we can pack into a space so that we can not pack any more object. Thus, we are effectively spacing the objects as far apart as possible so that we cannot fit another object. In this paper, we consider the clumsy packing of polyominoes in a finite space, which must consider boundary conditions. We examine rectangle, L, T, and plus polyominoes of various sizes.  

Author Biographies

Emma Miller, Moravian University

2022 Moravian University Graduate in Mathematics and Physics. 

Mitchel O'Connor, Whitman College

2021 Graduate of Whitman College in Mathematics and Physics

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Miller, E., O’Connor, M., & Shank, N. (2024). Clumsy Packing of Polyominoes in Finite Space. The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research, 7, 51-68.