Straightening Identities in the Onsager Algebra

  • Samuel Herron Chamberlin Park University
  • Azadeh Rafizadeh William Jewell College
  • Matthew Samsel William Jewell College
  • Denver Strong William Jewell College
Keywords: Lie algebras; Onsager algebra


The purpose of this work is to formulate and prove some straightening identities in the Onsager algebra. Our identities allow one to rewrite specific products of basis elements as linear combinations of products which are in a different order. Such identities could be helpful in understanding the representation theory of the Onsager algebra.
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Chamberlin, S. H., Rafizadeh, A., Samsel, M., & Strong, D. (2019). Straightening Identities in the Onsager Algebra. The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research, 2, 161-178.