BitTorrent Protocol and a Modified Secretary Problem

  • Jay Cummings California State University, Sacramento
  • Joe Ezaki California State University, Sacramento
Keywords: BitTorrent protocol; secretary problem


BitTorrent is a popular file sharing protocol in which a user downloads a file from a large collection of seeders, each of which has the file. The user downloads from b of these seeders, but repeatedly drops its worst connection and establishes a new one in search of the best b connections. In this paper we model the BitTorrent protocol using a modified secretary problem, and in doing so find precise stopping times for an arbitrary b. We show that every b gives the same success probability, and that this probability asymptotically approaches 1/e.

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Cummings, J., & Ezaki, J. (2019). BitTorrent Protocol and a Modified Secretary Problem. The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research, 2, 1-19.