Prime Labelings of Snake Graphs

  • Abigail Bigham Murray State University
  • Elizabeth Ann Donovan Murray State University
  • James Pack Centre College
  • Jordan Turley Centre College
  • Lesley Wiglesworth Centre College
Keywords: graphs, graph labelings, prime labelings, cycles


A prime labeling of a graph G with n vertices is a labeling of the vertices with distinct integers from the set {1, 2 ,..., n} such that the labels of any two adjacent vertices are relatively prime. In this paper, we introduce a snake graph, the fused union of identical cycles, and define a consecutive snake prime labeling for this new family of graphs. We characterize some snake graphs that have a consecutive snake prime labeling and then consider a variation of this labeling.

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Bigham, A., Donovan, E. A., Pack, J., Turley, J., & Wiglesworth, L. (2019). Prime Labelings of Snake Graphs. The PUMP Journal of Undergraduate Research, 2, 131-149.