The Philosophical Challenge from China (Book Review)

  • Zhaolu Lu


The philosophical challenge from China is an anthology consisting of 13 interesting essays written by scholars who are working at the interface of classic Chinese philosophy and mainstream analytic philosophy. It represents recently renewed attempt to facilitate communication between the insights of Chinese philosophical thoughts and current philosophical issues in the framework of analytic philosophy. Three distinct features of this volume make it outstanding. First, it draws inspirations from the entire history of Chinese philosophy ranging from pre-Qin thinkers to twentieth-century philosophers. Second, it encompass such analytically meaningful areas as moral psychology, political philosophy and ethics, and metaphysics and epistemology, these being also pertaining to Chinese philosophical tradition. Third, it proposals new, controversial perspectives on current issues that constitute challenges to both western analytical tradition and Chinese tradition. These features afford this volume usefulness in multiple ways—an introduction to frontier issues in the studies of Chinese philosophy, a resource for understanding updated research in comparative philosophy, and a thought provoking text for a graduate seminar in philosophy.

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