Towards Global Dialogism: Transcending 'Cultural Imperialism' and its Critics

  • Huimin Jin


Cultural studies have developed from a domestic stage into the present international platform, and a new theoretical framework is accordingly demanded. In other words, international cultural studies should have its own theoretical platform corresponding to its internationality. Based mainly upon the dispute around ‘cultural imperialism,’ this article categorizes cultural studies into two modes: ‘modernity’ cultural studies and ‘post-modernity’ cultural studies. It analyzes their advantages and disadvantages respectively, suggesting the third mode of ‘globality’ cultural studies transcends the previous two: the tenet of which is a philosophy of global dialogism that sublates (aufheben) both modernity and postmodernity at one time.

Author Biography

Huimin Jin
Dr. HUIMIN JIN, Qujiang Chair Professor of Cultural Theory & Aesthetics at Shaanxi Normal University, Xi-an, and Chair Professor of Literary Theory at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China. Email: