• Arvind Kumar Rai


In spite of differences in the conditions created by the advancement of science and technology modern man is very much similar to primitive man and animals. He also takes birth and dies like them. He also lives in a particular space and time and feels the forces of emotions. He also weeps and laughs like them. One never takes birth alone. When one is born, he perceives many faces like him. Nature amuses herself by creating verity of same type as well as different types. Modern man also depends on nature like primitive man and animals. So in order to live in harmony with our fellow beings and nature we must confirm to certain basic rules as the residents of society and nature. Dharma is the matrix of basic rules. Dharma is not merely understanding of transcendental being in order to cross the river of world. It is also rules for living in the river. Artha (property), kãma (sexual enjoyment) and empirical knowledge etc. are objects found in the worldly river and Dharma also provides basis for realizing them (yatoabhudaya-nihsreyasasiddih).