• Kewal Nayeck


The article is based mainly upon the lectures delivered by Gandhi at various occasions and later published in journals like Harijan, Young India, Harijan Sevak, etc. ‘The story of my Experiments with Truth,’ that is, the autobiography of Gandhi and others works of Gandhi are available in print and the whole of his works have been published under the title 'Complete Works of M.K. Gandhi'. His works are widely distributed and available even in local libraries. The method of data analysis is descriptive and evaluative, in which the textual analysis would be focused on the social and environmental utility. Gandhi was always against a violent consumption of the natural resources and loving to the sustainable use of the things the nature gives us as a gift. For example: Gandhi will say eat the fruit and not the tree, and even in eating the fruit his sense is to avoid its misuse that may lead to the waste of it. The gist of the research highlights the logic of non-violence and Gandhi’s perspective to meet out Ethical problems of environment. It as such, includes his way of solving the environmental crisis.