Role-ing The Dice Identity, Intimacy & Consent in Table-Top Role Playing

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Cody Page


Tabletop roleplaying games are not new hobbies but have a distinct contemporary affiliation with pop culture. Many shows and podcasts feature popular TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons, among various additional games. These games have the powerful potential to examine identity, identity formation, and many personal issues through roleplaying potential. Collective storytelling and character development are cornerstones of this process. With this potential, it is important to realize the potential for negative experiences and tabletop spaces that could potentially cause more harm than good for players. This article examines the connections between TTRPGs and the intimacy process. Mainly exploring how intimacy tools such as the “button,” boundary practice, and consent-based world-building can significantly impact the game experience. As a result, I discuss how these processes additionally benefit the individual player. Ultimately, I argue that TTRPGs are strengthened through engagement with the intimacy process.

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