Tools of the Trade Reflections on Modesty Garments & Barriers

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Yarit Dor


Modesty garments and barriers are some of the tools used by intimacy professionals in scenes of physical intimacy. This equipment is, in my opinion, still the unspoken hero that helps me do my job, that gives performers a better sense of protection and a tool that supports and enhances consent based practices.

In the following paper, I will look at modesty garments and barriers I currently use in my practice. I will chart my own journey, discuss the development of INTIMASK, give examples of current vocabulary I use, and share a checklist. Get ready, this paper is long and I take full responsibility for that.

Writings about modesty garments and barriers are extremely scarce in books, academic research and many articles discuss them on a superficial level. And so it was difficult for me to edit sections and cut corners from the information I felt was needed. [...] This paper is written with some progression that makes sense to me and yet, I do think each section can also stand on its own. So please journey through it at your own pace and choosing.

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