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Chelsea Pace
Laura Rikard
Amanda Rose Villarreal


In lieu of an abstract, here is an excerpt: 

Things are changing. Consent and factors that complicate consent are finally being recognized as central, foundational considerations in production processes and in performing arts education. People are beginning to think critically about how they approach intimacies in the rehearsal room, in the classroom, on set, in theory, in practice, and in pedagogy. As theatres and producing organizations hire more and more intimacy professionals, we need to meet the educational, resource, partnership, and access needs of this growing, learning community.

And no one organization, school of thought, or individual has all of the answers. 

We need this community’s knowledge, big ideas, and resources to be accessible in order for the field of consent-based performance to grow.

We need to work together to learn from--and to teach--one another to pause, interrogate what we’re doing, and then create more equitable and competent consent-based practices. As a collective, we need to recognize the value of the work that has come before us and the work our peers are doing now, and consciously recommit ourselves to growing, learning, and doing better now and in the future.

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