Our newest issue, Questioning Past Practice, includes the following pieces. We invite you to read the full issue!

Non-Refereed Content:

Greg Geffrard's featured choreography and choreographer's notes in Demystifying the Moment 

Notes From the Field:

Laura Rikard and Amanda Rose Villarreal's Focus on Impact, Not Intention: Moving from ‘Safe’ Spaces to Spaces of Acceptable Risk

Karie Miller, Kelsey Miller, and Elizabeth Wellman's New Repetitions: Questions and Suggestions for a More Trauma-Informed Production Process

Sheridan Schreyer's Promoting Psychophysiological Play: Applying Principles of Ployvagal Theory in the Rehearsal Room


Nicholas Shannon Savard's Do we Get More Points if we Take Bigger Risks? Modeling Boundary-Setting in the Undergraduate Acting Classroom

Amanda Rose Villarreal's Curatorial Directing and Actor Agency: Consent-Based Practices for Digital Performance