Intersectional Impacts on Trans-Masc Individuals' Fertility

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Lukas Daniels


The world’s “first'' pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, made headlines across the US in 2008 (Trebay, 2008). While these sensational headlines broke the ice for queer people across the country wanting to produce and carry their biological children, they did not curb the rampant transphobia, homophobia, and lack of information within the US public and the medical field. While the case of Thomas Beatie premiered over 12 years ago, the realities of biological parenthood for transmasculine individuals have not changed much as shown by a lack of information, research, training, or guidelines for providing medical and therapeutic care to trans-masc. individuals. However, recent research is slowly creating a baseline of information regarding transgender bodies and how they experience the world (de-Castro-Peraza, et al. 2019:12).

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