Reflections on Grief, Joy, and Healing

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Natalie Nuñez


I never imagined that a frequent negotiation between my doing what I feel is right and protecting my livelihood would be part of my existence as an educator in the public-school system. My days are often filled with mixed emotions that can range from love & joy to frustration & sadness. As I sat to begin to reflect on the past few years, I realized I had to pause and take deep breaths just to get words down on paper.  When we began distance learning, I was propelled to reimagine any previous notions I had of what learning would look like, without the constraints of a classroom. These are my reflections on the last few years and on how I make it through my days as an educator in this changed landscape. In the end, what I've learned from these last few years, is que la lucha sigue till the day it’s not necessary.

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