Book Review: Bilinguals are not two monolinguals in one Life as a Bilingual: Knowing and Using Two or More Languages

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Kai Greene


Key tenets of bilingual education involve connectedness in the ability to collaborate with students and colleagues while establishing vital connection to families and communities. This book review examines Francois Grosjean’s Life as a bilingual: Knowing and using two or more languages (2021); a compilation of blogs published from 2010 to 2020. Written from a psycholinguistic perspective, the author effectively expands upon the Complementarity Principle which supports how bilinguals usually acquire and use their languages for different purposes, with different people, across the lifespan. Across fifteen chapters, this collection offers an assortment of topical and informative snippets fitting for any bilingual-curious audience: university professors, researchers, educational practitioners, students, community workers, and families.

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Perspective 4: Multilingual Voices