California Sociology Forum student journal is accepting unpublished submissions!!

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DISCLAIMER: All original work published in CSF cannot be republished in academic journals due to academic plagiarism rules; if using information from a published piece in future work, even if it was your own authorship, it must be presented in a cited format and placed under the References.

Cal State LA students who are Sociology majors, or minors, or who have taken a sociology class and have produced original pieces that are sociologically relevant can submit to CSF. This means submissions should have a sociological perspective that systematically analyzes the social behavior of humanity through critical thinking. We advise that the pieces submitted should add new perspectives to the sociological discussion in the present day to avoid regurgitation.



IMPORTANT: IRB approval is required for any research using human subjects

Term papers: Includes undergraduate and graduate courses.

Theses, Portfolio Paper: Written under B.A. Honors courses and/or the M.A. graduate program.

Pilot Study: Consists of doing a research method with a small sample size as a trial run to evaluate validity.

Theoretical Works: Original theory expounding on sociological research problems.

Literature Reviews: Needs to have meta-analysis of relevant sociological topic(s).

Essays: Argumentative paper consisting of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


REQUIRED: Please include an Abstract or Short Summary of sociological relevance for any creative works submitted, to give context for the editorial board.

Poetry: Poems need to have an analysis of sociological theory.

Original Visual Art: Original video content, paintings, drawings, etc. created by the student.

Zines: Original mini-comics, graphic novels, etc. by the student.

Op-Eds: Opinion pieces where the student speaks from their perspective and input on the topic.


Books, films, tv shows, video games, music, galleries, or exhibitions, etc. reviewed with original analysis by the student using the following structure:


Summary of Argument: Thesis Statement

Credit: About the Author(s)/Director(s)/Creator(s)

Summary of Contents: Description of Work, Sociological Relevance

Evaluative Statements: Strengths and/or Weaknesses

Conclusion: NOTE - If desired, this is where to make personal recommendations


- Roughly 600-1,200 words

- Single-spaced, Times New Roman, 11-point font

- Follow ASA formatting specifics where applicable

- Full Title by Creator(s) Name;

                           Example: Everything Everywhere All At Once by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

- After the title, put your name and department at Cal State LA.


                       Jane Doe

                       Department of Sociology

                      California State University, Los Angeles


- Short academic biography and optional acknowledgments (max 250 words)

- (No need for keywords or abstracts)

- After the written review, list the ASA Citation of the Media, with a hanging line. Example:



Kwan, Daniel and Daniel Scheinert. 2022. Everything Everywhere All At Once. New York, NY: IAC Films. Los Angeles, CA: Gozie AGBO; Year of the Rat; Ley Line Entertainment.


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