Physical Attractiveness and Career Success

  • Lisett Acevedo


The way an individual feels or see’s themselves physically can affect their overall confidence, self esteem, and can be equated with one’s capabilities in other aspects of life. This study examines how perceptions of one’s image, specifically one’s physical attractiveness, can be viewed as having an influence on how successful an individual believes he/she can be in their career. The study focuses on how an individual feels about his or her physical attractiveness and if they believe it is a career determinant. The findings suggest that individuals have stereotypes about the importance of possessing a specific image for career success. The findings also indicate that there needs to be further research done on how the perception of one’s physical appearance might be perceived as effecting other life opportunities and achievements (such as one’s self- esteem, personal relationships, and leisure pursuit). Furthermore, this study’s findings can also exemplify how certain occupational and organizational stereotypes can be reinforced and continued. Therefore, the findings show that further analysis on stereotypic role expectations within the workplace need to be conducted. By doing so, the extent to which this is having an effect on potential employees, workplace perceptions, and upward mobility of current employees can be further explored and addressed.