The Little Blue Pill and the Rise in STI’s among the Elderly


  • Todd Cosper


STI’s have been a serious issue for decades. Countless efforts to improve sexual health have attempted to reach people all over the world. However, the one demographic that has yet to be bombarded with sexual heath campaigns is the elderly. Generally, there is a widespread assumption that the elderly simply are not at risk for contracting STI’s. The elderly are left in the dark when it comes to understanding sexual health practices and the risks of being sexually active. In recent years, people are living longer and engaging in intimate relationships partly in thanks to the miracle pill Viagra. This article looks at the facts regarding STI trends among the elderly. There is no refuting that efforts need to be aimed at curbing this unfortunate trend. This is a call to action for both research and awareness to help this population evade the harmful STI’s that have plagued our society for years.