Call for Submissions for Volume 1, Issue 1 - NOW OPEN


I remember my first peer review, which I had to face as a bright-eyed bushy-tailed undergraduate student in Canada. It was brutal but constructive. It felt like a gut punch. I told my supervisor that I should probably quit science right then and there and never engage in lab-based research again. Needless to say, I did not. From talking to my colleagues over the years, it appears that almost everyone has had a similar experience. This journal was created to introduce undergraduate researchers to the peer review process. It will give you a chance to prepare your submissions by following journal guidelines, suggest peer reviewers and receive peer feedback on your work. Once peer feedback has been received, we will contact you with our suggestions and decision on your manuscript. Once published, your work will appear in the Cougar JUGR and will be publicly available for all to see!


The Cougar JUGR serves to publish high quality research conducted by undergraduate students at CSUSM. Each submission undergoes editorial review by a CSUSM faculty member to ensure it meets the review criteria set forth by the Editorial Board (see Instructions to Authors). The purpose of this journal is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their writing by undergoing a review process and to enable them to make their research available to the community at large.


Any focused or interdisciplinary work involving STEM fields is welcome!

Click on this link to access to the Submission Preparation Checklist and the Submission Portal

Dr. Dennis Kolosov