Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of AI in Education


  • Chia-Jung Chung California State University Sacramento



This study explores the integration of generative AI tools into multiple-subject and single-subject teaching credential courses at California State University Sacramento during the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. The study involved 210 teacher candidates per semester, most of whom had no prior experience with AI in education. Through a series of AI-focused assignments and a survey, the study investigated preservice teachers' perceptions, experiences, and concerns regarding the use of AI tools in educational settings.

The assignments aimed to introduce AI tools, encourage experimentation, and facilitate discussions on the potential benefits and challenges of AI in education. The survey results revealed that a significant majority of participants (88.9%) used generative AI tools for personal learning or teaching preparation, with 92% using text generators like ChatGPT. However, opinions were mixed regarding the adoption of AI in future classrooms, with 49% in favor, 41.2% uncertain, and 9.8% opposed. Key concerns included overreliance on technology and ethical issues.

The study concludes that while preservice teachers show enthusiasm for experimenting with AI tools and acknowledge their potential to enhance learning experiences, there is a need for ongoing training and support to ensure ethical and effective implementation. The findings suggest that incorporating AI assignments into the curriculum can provide valuable experiences and prepare preservice teachers for the growing role of AI in education.

Author Biography

Chia-Jung Chung, California State University Sacramento

Professor, Teaching Credentials, College of Education, California State University, Sacramento