• Wendy Coronel California State University, Los Angeles


In this narrative, Wendy Coronel reflects on the challenges she has faced as a first-generation college student alongside her mother's determination and devotion to create a better life for her family. Reflecting on her experiences in this writers' workshop, Coronel writes: "It is difficult at times to continue writing about our stories. Throughout these workshops, we all learned how to inspire each other and help each other out when it came to writing. We shared our own narratives and assisted others by reading their stories. In doing so, we brought each other closer. When the workshop began, we were all pretty much lost as to how we were going to write an essay that showed who we are. We learned about the price of college along with writing tips on coherence, clarity, and the importance of re-reading your essay from the bottom to the top. These techniques helped us all to understand how to write effectively, and through the art of writing we learned the importance of sharing our first-gen stories."