Our Letters of Resistance

  • Leiza Castillo
  • Rory Olivarez
  • Armond Davis
  • Brianna Lupian
  • Emmely Navarette
  • Kevyn Rivera
  • Kaelin Smith
  • Jasmine Torres Godinez
  • Sherlley Yaquian


In the Fall of 2021, graduate teaching associates in the First-Year Writing Program at Cal State LA adopted the “Resistance Multimedia Position Statement” as a common assignment for their ENGL 1005A courses. Through this project, students were invited to explore their personal relationship to rhetorics of resistance. Documenting their teaching and learning experiences through a series of letters, two teaching associates offer insights into their pedagogical development as early-career educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. A showcase of student work demonstrates the mixed media techniques their first-year students employed to position themselves in public statements on resistance crafted for virtual environments.