Public Posting as a Strategy to Increase Walking

A Worksite Intervention

  • Rayleen Earney Clark County Health District
  • Timothy J. Bungum University of Nevada Las Vegas


Because most American adults do not meet recommended physical activity guidelines, the need for new and innovative strategies is apparent. The current study employed public posting in an attempt to increase walking behavior in a worksite setting. Pedometer generated data was publicly posted in a prominent location in the worksite. In our study that utilized a pre-experimental design, we found that walking steps were statistically higher during the intervention and in a post intervention period as compared to the baseline data. We conclude that the public posting of physical activity data has the potential to increase walking behavior.

How to Cite
Earney, R., & Bungum, T. J. (2004). Public Posting as a Strategy to Increase Walking: A Worksite Intervention. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2(4), 65-71.