Review of Elder Abuse Literature

An Age Old Problem Brought to Light

  • Mary A. Wyandt University of Arkansas


As the population continues to age, elder abuse is an issue that must not be ignored. Although elder abuse is not entirely a new issue, it is time for a unified definition to be identified, prevention programs to be implemented and effective interventions to emerge. This paper provides a synopsis of elder abuse through a comprehensive review of literature. Factors associated with defining elder abuse, types of abuse among the elderly, varying perceptions of elder abuse, perpetrations and situations of elder abuse, recognizing elder abuse, responding to and reporting elder abuse, and interventions and elder abuse are presented. Suggestions for further initiatives are provided.
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Wyandt, M. A. (2004). Review of Elder Abuse Literature: An Age Old Problem Brought to Light. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2(3), 40-52.