Attending Professional Health Education Meetings

What’s In It for the Student and New Professional

  • Eleanor Dixon-Terry Society for Public Health Education


The profession of health education and health promotion involves a journey of discovery, where along the way, the student and new professional is uncovers many layers and nuances. One of the mysteries surrounding the profession is the participation in a professional meeting. Student and new professionals often perceive this to be challenging, overwhelming and fraught with roadblocks and barriers. While understanding perceptions of mystery from those entering the field about professional meetings, the best way to fully engage in the profession and to get the full effect and benefit of a professional health education meeting is through direct immersion and personal experience.

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Dixon-Terry, E. (2004). Attending Professional Health Education Meetings: What’s In It for the Student and New Professional. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2(1), 16-21.