Descriptive Study of Community Health Education Jobs in the U.S.A., May – December 1998

  • Larry Wu Angion Biomedica, Inc.


The purpose of this study was to explore the community health education jobs in the USA and to provide relevant workforce information to community health education professionals and students. Two hundred fifty community health education announcements out of 908 were randomly selected from the Heath Education Professional Resources (HEPR) Job Bank for the periods May to December of 1998. Job information such as job searching methods, working environments, job qualifications, job descriptions, salaries, and benefits of community health education professionals were characterized. RESULTS: October had the highest number of job announcements during eighth-month period. There were more job announcements from the Northeast and West. Many of the job announcements were obtained through CareerPath® and America’s Job Bank®. There were at least 137 different job titles. The majority of institutions hiring health educators were either non-profit or government. About two-thirds were public organizations. The majority of the positions (86%) required applicants to have either a baccalaureate or master’s degree. There were diverse job qualifications. College majors other than health education or community health were acceptable. Work experience in descending order were: program planning and evaluation, program management, working with diverse populations, community organization and coordination, and working with multicultural populations in descending order. One to five years of working experience was required for the job positions. Target population and target issues were diverse. Almost half of the health educators served general health issues in their community. Computer skills, particularly word processing and Internet skills, were required. The capacity for working independently and self-motivation were significant factors in the hiring for most of the employers. Communication skills were required in 80% of the job announcements. Other required skills included program assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and teaching. For full-time employees, the median salary was $36,000. Other employee compensation information is also reported.

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