Personalized Enhancement Smoking Cessation Training Program (PEP)

  • V. Joyce Lim Retired Professor
  • Naomi N. Modeste Loma Linda University
  • Yolanda Williams Private Consultant


Smoking is the number one preventable public health problem in America. The African America community has a disproportionately high rate of smoking related diseases and illnesses compared to some other population groups. The purpose of this project was to train Faith-based members to conduct smoking cessation programs among underserved African Americans and to educate youth and adults about the harmful effects of second hand smoke. Twenty-one individuals were recruited into the program and 17 completed the training. As a result of the training, 118 persons attended cessation programs conducted by the teams.

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Lim, V. J., Modeste, N. N., & Williams, Y. (2003). Personalized Enhancement Smoking Cessation Training Program (PEP). Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 1(4), 30-37.