Alternative Medicine Attitudes and Practices of U.S. College Students

An Exploratory Study

  • Roland Lamarine California State University, Chico
  • K. John Fisher Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon
  • Victor Sbarbaro California State University, Chico


This study determined attitudes and practices, including gender differences, of college students regarding advocacy and use of alternative medicine. A convenience sample of students enrolled in undergraduate health classes from universities in five separate regions of the United States was surveyed using a written questionnaire. A total of 561 undergraduate and graduate students volunteered for this study. Results of this survey indicated that the majority of college students favor the use of alternative medicine and the majority of users reported satisfaction with alternative medicine. Significant gender differences were uncovered regarding use of, and advocacy for, alternative medicine.

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Lamarine, R., Fisher, K. J., & Sbarbaro, V. (2003). Alternative Medicine Attitudes and Practices of U.S. College Students: An Exploratory Study. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 1(4), 24-29.