Physical Activity Among Newly Immigrated Latino Adults

  • Jie W. Weiss Department of Health Sciences
  • Daniela Rubin Department of Kinesiology
  • Jessica N. Gomel Department of Child and Adolescent Studies California State University, Fullerton


Latinos are disproportionately represented among overweight, obese, and unfit adults, putting them at higher risk for compromised health. This study examined weight status and usage of an aerobics program established within a residential complex among a sample of low-income, recently immigrated Latino adults (94 women/53 men). Results demonstrated that most participants were overweight or obese (79%) and physically inactive (59.1%). Results also indicated that while walking was the most common type of physical activity for both men and women, there are significant gender differences in other types of physical activities, in that housework was a more prevalent type of activity for women than men and yard work is a more prevalent activity for men. Furthermore, more women reported going to the exercise class than men while men reported to be more engaged in sports. The finding of this study provided valuable insights on the risk perception of being overweight and its connection to health, as well as useful information about the barriers to the physical activity and preferences for specific physical activities for this population.
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Weiss, J. W., Rubin, D., & Gomel, J. N. (2009). Physical Activity Among Newly Immigrated Latino Adults. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 7(SI), 131-138.