Multi-site Programming Offered to Promote Resilience in Military Veterans

A Process Evaluation of the Just Roll With It Bootcamps

  • Kate Hendricks Thomas College of Health Sciences, Charleston Southern University
  • Sarah Plummer Taylor School of Social Work, University of Denver
  • Karl Hamner College of Education and School of Social Work, University of Alabama
  • John Glazer Mindful Transitions Psychotherapy, Denver, CO
  • Emily Kaufman College of Nursing, Charleston Southern University


Background and Purpose: Military and veteran suicide rates exceed those found in the general population. Veterans often reject patient identities, creating barriers to care for mental health within the clinical sector and a mandate for prevention programs. The purpose of this study was to offer a postintervention process evaluation of one peer-led resilience program offered to military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan at three sites in 2013. Methods: Secondary analysis of survey data collected involved mixed-methods analysis of open and closed-ended questions. In total, the research team reviewed 52 electronic survey responses; participant response rate was 48.1%. Results: Descriptive data analysis found that all participants rated Just Roll With It Bootcamp content as “somewhat useful” (17.9%) or “very useful” (82.1%). Qualitative analysis of open-ended questions found that content was perceived as valuable by participants. Emergent themes included: health practices, social support, and participant quality of life or satisfaction. Comments also informed four subthemes which included: meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, physical practice, and the seminars’ physical environment. Conclusion: Culturally-informed prevention programs that emphasize social support, physical movement, and peer-leadership have a vital role to play in working to prevent suicide by promoting quality of life for veterans.

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Thomas, K. H., Taylor, S. P., Hamner, K., Glazer, J., & Kaufman, E. (2015). Multi-site Programming Offered to Promote Resilience in Military Veterans: A Process Evaluation of the Just Roll With It Bootcamps. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 13(2), 15-24.