Pacific Islander Organization’s Approach towards Increasing Community Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Beliefs

  • Roger Sur California State University Fullerton
  • Ruth Peters California State University Fullerton
  • Leah Leilani Beck St. Joseph Hospital of Orange
  • Melevesi Fifita Pacific Islander Health Partnership
  • Maria Gonzalez St. Joseph Hospital of Orange
  • Linda Guevara Guam Communications Network
  • Paula Healani Palmer Claremont Graduate University
  • Sora Park Tanjasiri California State University Fullerton


Purpose: Evaluate the educational intervention and determine if changes in knowledge and beliefs are associated with positive intentions to screen among Pacific Islanders (PIs). Design: Pre- and post-test surveys were utilized to evaluate the intervention. Educational materials included an in-language presentation, educational videos, and bookmarks with screening re-enforcement messages for communitybased PI groups. Methods: One hundred and ninety-six PIs aged 50 years and older residing in Orange County completed the educational workshop. The dependent variable is intention and the independent variables are demographic, enabling, and predisposing characteristics. Statistical analyses included paired samples t-tests, chi-square tests, and two logistic regression models. Results: Knowledge and belief scores increased pre- to post-test. A majority intended to (1) talk to a doctor about colorectal cancer (CRC) screening (74.5%), and (2) participate in CRC screening (73.5%). Positive change in knowledge score was a significant predictor for intending to talk to a doctor about CRC screening; female gender and positive change in knowledge score were significant predictors for intending to participate in screening. Conclusion: The study highlighted the effectiveness of tailored education in addressing cultural and linguistic needs of the community. Moreover, it demonstrated the education’s potential for moving participants with limited CRC screening knowledge to intend to screen.

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Sur, R., Peters, R., Beck, L. L., Fifita, M., Gonzalez, M., Guevara, L., Palmer, P. H., & Tanjasiri, S. P. (2013). Pacific Islander Organization’s Approach towards Increasing Community Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Beliefs. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 11(2), 12-20.

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