Regional Conference Planning

A Roadmap to Success

  • J. L. Harris Adelphi University
  • E. P. Zarco Adelphi University


National, state and local mandates require professional development for K-12 and community health educators to keep knowledge and skills current, to maintain certification and to enhance professional practice. Meeting these mandates at the local level presents a challenge because of limited professional development opportunities and a lack of funds for travel or release time from work. This paper describes the evolution of HealthNets, a network of health educators who utilized various modes and venues of professional development opportunities that are accessible, reflect best practices and help fulfill national, state and local mandates. Conference planning, implementation, evaluation and lessons learned are discussed.
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Harris, J. L., & Zarco, E. P. (2007). Regional Conference Planning: A Roadmap to Success. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5(3), 37-50.