Administering Successful Conferences in Health Education

  • Carl Hanson Brigham Young University
  • M. Lelinneth Brigham Young University
  • L. B. Novilla Brigham Young University
  • Michael Barnes Brigham Young University


Administering conferences remains a common health education strategy especially for those functioning in leadership and administrative positions. To date, very little has been written about these events which have the potential to impact large intended audiences when successfully implemented. This paper addresses several important administrative practices that can help ensure a successful conference. These practices include but are not limited to using a health education planning model, organizing and holding committee planning meetings, preparing a budget, visiting potential conference sites, negotiating contracts for hotel and meeting facilities, corresponding with conference participants, and preparing conference materials.
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Hanson, C., Lelinneth, M., Novilla, L. B., & Barnes, M. (2007). Administering Successful Conferences in Health Education. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5(3), 32-36.