CURES: Ventura County Prescription Data


  • Alona Kryshchenko California State University of Channel Islands
  • Cynthia Flores
  • Olivia Alexander
  • Andrew Nelson
  • Cynthia Sillas


CURES is a database of Schedule II, III and IV controlled substance prescriptions
committed to the reduction of prescription drug abuse without affecting legitimate medical
practice or patient care. Given a subset of data from California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring
Program, we are focusing our efforts on Ventura County. With general patient information such
as age, zip code of pharmacy where the prescription is filled as well as the prescription itself, we
are analyzing our dataset in order to spot potential drug abuse. We are interested in finding a
correlation, if it exists, between age, zip of pharmacy, or gender and how this relationship may
affect prescriptions provided within our county. Through creating classification targets in order
to simplify our given attributes of zip code of pharmacy, prescriptions provided, and drug
strength, we aim to fit a set of attributes to a linear regression model.




How to Cite

Kryshchenko, A., Flores, C., Alexander, O., Nelson, A., & Sillas, C. (2019). CURES: Ventura County Prescription Data. CBR@CSUCI: An Annual Volume of Community-Based Research, 1. Retrieved from



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