Now accepting submissions for Volume 2!

CBR@CSUCI is an annual reviewed collection of Community-Based Research (CBR) reports conducted by students, faculty, and community members associated with CSUCI. We publish CBR reports designed to be read by a general educated audience, with findings focused on applied questions of interest to the community.

Areas for submission: Currently, CBR@CSUCI publishes reports within three general areas: Social & Behavioral Sciences; STEM Fields; and Business & Consulting.

Editorial review policy and processes: CBR@CSUCI is designed to identify and recognize reports that present research that are methodologically sound and valuable to the community. Editorial review processes are designed to guarantee that reports meet those standards. To be accepted for inclusion, reports must be clearly written for a general audience; conducted according to standard professional expectations and methods; and findings must represent a valuable contribution to the community (or a community partner). All submissions are reviewed by a team which includes a faculty member and a community partner who have basic expertise in the general area addressed in the report. Members of the Editorial Board make final decisions regarding inclusion in CBR@CSUCI.

Submissions: Reports are expected to be collaborations between students and faculty (with faculty as co-authors or supervisors). Reports should be written as stand-alone publications that provide all necessary background, descriptions, and explanations for readers to understand the report as a whole. Components will generally include research questions, methods, and findings. Reports should be written to be accessible to a general educated audience. Style and formatting may vary from field to field; we do not prescribe specific style standards, but expect consistency and clarity. If you have questions about whether a report is appropriate for submission, feel free to contact the editor.