Juvenile Discrepancies and Community Reformation


  • Adrienne Amandazi John Jay College


Violence has become the new normal in our society. With recent rise in various criminal acts both petit and grand the ones who are committing these acts are rarely in question and they all happen to be juvenile’s. Either labeled by the media or criticized by society these juvenile’s have subjected and normalized themselves to what they observe in their environment. The research being conducted is to find out why there’s been such a rise in juvenile delinquency, who's to blame, and how do we fix it. The hypothesis follows as; If the environment of a juvenile has been threatened and/or compromised then they will fall victim to miscellaneous or higher crimes because of their lack of self-consciousness.  The effects of society’s social construction of reality and their marginalized communities cause them to commit criminal activities because one is always a product of their environment.  





Law, Policy, and Institutions