Make Us Proud: The Meek, The Bold, And The Undefined


  • Cynthia Thomas John Jay College


Today in America, children of immigrants are constantly battling an unseen war—the war on self-identity. We battle the polarity of being children of our beautiful ancestral roots, and the unease of being in our skin in a foreign land to achieve our hopes and dreams. Is this a betrayal of our ancestors? Our people? Or ourselves? In this narrative, we explore the components of the duality of being a product of the environment and the product of growing pains. The background on cultural differences, effects on youth, and the clear differentials in power and strength are problems that arise. Is having a badge on me the only thing defining my strength? Many would say it’s an honor to be held at such prestige. But is it an honor to you, or a mockery of what the people stand for? Am I a child of my people or a weapon utilized to harm them? In the end, it’s just to “Make Us Proud”.