Digging Up the Root: The Radical Belief of Reallocation


  • Josie-Grace Valerius John Jay College


Digging Up the Root is a research paper that theorizes the best avenues of reallocation of funding in order to reduce crime while simultaneously boosting economic growth. Centering on mainly the NYC area, the study focuses on recent NYPD implementation and lack of effectiveness and then contrasts this with the possibility of better solutions. It identifies funding libraries and community centers, creating more trade and funding CTE programs, correcting the NYC public school counselor ratio, subsidizing out-of-prison employment options, free skill training and workshops, and mental health resource, all as viable ways to address the root causes of crime thus preventing it. The paper also details how the funding of these programs, with money taken from the police fund, will be more readily active in expanding our workforce and strengthen our economy and mobility rates, aligning with core macroeconomic concepts and Keynesian ideology.