U.S. Courts Adopt White Supremacist Values


  • Grace A. Cowherd


The historical past of the United States of America is one that
remains present, however, specifically for the African American
community, because many of the hardships and disparities they
deal with are inescapable. Precisely within our criminal justice
system, Black Americans are constantly left at a disadvantage
based on the design of our country centuries ago which was
founded on a white supremacist hierarchy. This paper will provide
evidence using scholarly articles which are comprised of case
studies that prove and elaborate on these injustices, and how the
role of white supremacy still stands today. Qualitative research
shows that there is a strong correlation between the history of slave
patrols and the over-policing that many low income communities
of color experience today. Peer-reviewed articles in this research
paper also employ qualitative research that examines how
neglecting Black Americans of a fair trial through jury
discrimination and unequal sentencing, is a considerable factor in
mass incarceration. The aftereffects of being incarcerated will also
be a major focus. Utilizing theories from scholarly research, this
paper exposes America’s white supremacy state, and how it has
disproportionately affects the Black community. An attention to
this matter is crucial in bettering our communities of color for a
more equitable lifestyle.